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June 2022

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The goal of Lavender Fields is to create a farm that works for the environment and the welfare of the creatures that inhabit it. By working with the land, climate, and animals, we are able to create an atmosphere that is comfortable, thriving, and supports long term ecological balance. Located in the Sierra Nevada region of California, the area is critical to the environment and economy of the state and provides essential natural resources including fresh water, clean power, working lands, and famous wilderness. By embracing the Northern California lifestyle, and working with nature, we are able to create our own space.JENNIFER AZEVEDOAA Equine ManagementBS Organizational Behavior with MN HorticulturePermaculture Designer

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CONTENTSARTIST: Susan McClaerty ARENA: Watering BARN: BeddingTRAILER: Coee WATER: ShampooTRAINING: Ground Tie

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DIY single steel modular pods to use as a single run in shed, or connect to make your own custom shedrow. Many options available.CONTACT USFOR DESIGN & PRICING DESIGN@LAVENDERFIELDS.CO

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Solectrac Electric Tractors are the clean, quiet, zero-emission alternative to diesel tractors. Our tractors can be charged by renewable energy, like wind and solar, and provide all the power of a comparable diesel tractor.

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BUILDING: SteelDo you need a new building, barn, garage, shop? Lavender Fields is an authorized VersaTube dealer. VersaTube manufactures engineered DIY steel building kits. Contact us for ideas, a free design, and a quote for a new steel arena, barn, shelter, carport, name it, we can help. Email: design@lavender

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ARENA: WateringWatering your arena surface is critical during the summer months, when increased temperatures and a lack of rainfall can quickly cause your footing to dry out. Ideally, your surface should have a minimum moisture content of 4% but around 6-8% for optimum performance. So, what are the options and water systems to implement? • Water trailer - A tow behind water trailer is a great and consisten way to get water spread.• Sprinkler System - An automated system takes the labor and guess work out of the equation.• Traveling Sprinkler - Basically, a big sprinkler on wheels allows you to move it around exactly where you need it. • Underground Water System - Usually integrated with mats, this drip system is installed underneath the footing.• Water Wheel - This system is a large sprinkler that starts at one end of the arena and pulls itself to the other end ensuring full arena coverage.

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Modernize your arena with black powder-coated steel letters. Steel is a highly recyclable material that gets reused over and over again. Lavender Fields’ outdoor Flat Black nish is a matte black powder-coat. This UV protective nish will shield the steel in the tough-est conditions including outside in wet and salty environments. Powder-coat is a thick industrial coating that is VOC free and holds up for many years. The 12x12 inch artisan steel letters are mounted on 8” stakes that will stay put. Create the modern, weather resistant, and elegant court you have always wanted. Now available exclusively at ARENA: Letters

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BARN: BeddingWith so many options in bedding, it is time to ask if wood shavings are the best choice. Considering the current lumber shortage, should we continue to use wood shavings? Here are some fast facts to consider with shavings.1. Most lumber in the US is imported from Canada and taried.2. Fire and beetles have diminished the supply.3. Shavings produced from 1 tree will bed your stall for 3 weeks. That same tree takes 25-30 years to grow.4. Shavings come wrapped in single use plastic lm. This lm has to be taken to specic lm recy-clers in order to be recycled. It is not accepted in curbside recycling programs.What are your alternatives? Check your area for alternative bedding that is produced in your area - source locally. For example, in California, we produce the following that could be used for bedding:1. Straw (Rice straw is my favorite)2. Rice Hulls3. Corn Cobs4. Hemp

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TEMPERATURE: VentilationNatural ventilation is often expressed in “air changes per hour.” An air change per hour (ACH) means that the total volume of air in the stable is replaced in an hour’s time. Six air changes per hour means a complete air change every 10 minutes. Providing 4 to 8 air changes per hour will reduce mold spore contamination, minimize condensation, and reduce moisture, odor, and ammonia accumulation. For comparison, the modern home has 1/2 air changes per hour from inltration through various cracks, such as around doors and windows. This recommendation for stable ventilation is substantially more than the average residential air exchange rate to maintain fresh air conditions and good air quality in the more challenging stable environment.Natural ventilation uses openings located along the sidewall and ridge (roof peak) to accommodate these air movement forces. The sidewall openings are more important than the ridge openings if stable design cannot accommodate both sets of openings. The stable ventilation system will work better when both ridge and sidewall openings are provided. The ridge opening allows warm and moist air, which accumulates near the roof peak, to escape. The ridge opening is also a very eective mechanism for wind-driven air exchange since wind moves faster higher o the ground.Circulation fans may be used in stables for temporary relief to disrupt warm, stale areas or to provide a cooling breeze over the horse’s body. These fans move air already in the sta-ble so they do not provide more fresh air to the horse. A properly designed stable ventila-tion system should virtually eliminate the need for circulation fans.

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Water is not always available to put out a re. What to do? Grab a shovel.Three reasons Fireghters use Shovels:1. Smother Flames. When ames are still small or low to the ground, simply throwing dirt on them is often enough to smother the re. Take large scoops of dirt and aim them at the base of the ame.2. Cut a Fireline. A reline or rebreak is a gap in vegetation or other combustible mate-rial that acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a bushre or wildre. A re-break may occur naturally where there is a lack of vegetation or “fuel”, such as a river, lake or canyon. Firebreaks may also be man-made. Using a pickaxe or a folding shovel at a 90-degree angle makes quick use of dry vegetation that can be scraped away and will no longer be fuel for the re.3. Hack Away Dry Brush. When there is a lot of dry brush in an area, ying sparks can jump and ignite other areas which is dangerous because you could become trapped. Hacking away this loose, dry brush will keep it from reaching out and catching sparks.FIRE: Shovels

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WATER: ShampooWaterless shampoo is a great way to keep your horse’s coat shiny and moisturized— without any water! This DIY recipe nourishes the hair by removing any built-up dirt, and leaves the coat glossy and clean. Just cover the coat with the waterless shampoo, brush in the direction of the hairs, then run a soft cloth over it to achieve the extra shine. For horses with extra tan-gles in their mane and tails, simply spray the waterless shampoo into the hair and comb out!Here is the recipe:• 32 oz. Spray bottle• Fractionated coconut oil (about 1/2 cup)• Witch Hazel (about 1 cup)• Aloe Vera gel (about 2 Tablespoons)• Aritha powder (about 1 Tablespoon)• 40 drops Lavender Fields Essential Oil• Water (to ll the bottle)Don’t want to make your own - no problem. There are plenty of options at your favorite tack store.

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Good things take time.

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Good things take time.

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TRAINING: BudgetTraining is expensive and needs to be tracked in order to meet your goals.Download and print your own budget planner page HERE to track your expenses.

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TRAINING: PlanTraining is dynamic and needs to be tracked in order to measure success.Download and print your own daily planner page HERE to track your work-outs and progress.

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Teaching your horse to stand still on command when not tied to anything, is called ground tying and is a rarely taught skill, but one with countless applications. If you want to adjust a jump, check his foot, adjust girth, a horse that unties itself, or prevent pulling back, having a horse who will stand quietly anywhere makes for a more condent and safe relationship. Remember, it takes training, time, and repitition.Start by teaching the horse to stand still while tied. If he moves a leg, promptly ask him to move it back to where it was. Eventually he will learn that standing still is a lot easier than getting constantly re-adjusted.Next, you stand facing your horse holding the lead. You step away from the horse. If he moves, you ask him to return to where he was. The better you are at anticipating what he’s thinking, the faster he learns. Ideally, you can catch the movement as it is happening and correct by putting the horse back in the same position.The horse soon gures out that life is easier if he stands still, and you can back away from him to the end of the lead. Now you drop the lead, gradually increasing the distance be-tween you and your horse. Most cowboys leave the lead on the ground. The weight of the rope down to the ground should be your signal for the horse to stand. It’s important that you reward the horse for standing still. If the horse begins to move, you correct it, then praise when they get back to standing.TRAINING: Ground Tie

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NUTRITION: MuscleMaintaining appropriate muscling is vital to overall health and athleticism. Amino acids, which make up proteins, are the basic building blocks of muscle. Horses must consume at least nine essential amino acids in their diets, and the remainder they can make on their own.Feeding to build muscle, however, does not mean that we feed excessive protein to horses, attempting to ood their systems with the essentials to maximize muscle building. The daily amount of protein intake recommended by the National Research Council currently is rel-atively low, a minimum of 10.6% protein in a horse’s daily ration. Quality pasture, hay, and organic concentrated feeds are more than adequate at fullling the essential amino acid requirements of the average horse.When performance demands increase the protein requirement, whether through exercise or reproduction, consider supplementing protein. This can be accomplished with an organic concentrated feed. In addition to protein, look for:• Omega-3 fatty acids facilitates skeletal muscle repair• Vitamin E • Yeast fermentates Pink Rose Organix Equine Boost & Balance is a USDA Certied Organic feed for an optimized digestive system and healthy hindgut. A delicious, prescriptive blend of organic proteins, oils, and ber that works with your pasture or hay to boost digestive eciency and balance the diet. Boost & Balance focuses on hindgut function; driving animal health, attitude, and positive, cool energy!

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TRAILER: CoeeAccording to science, coee is one of the most appetizing smells to humans. The unique aroma of coee hits all the attractive scents including sweet, spicy, fruity, oral, and smoky. Most importantly, coee also generates a smoky or earthy smell that humans crave. Not only can your daily cup of joe smell incredible, it can help you feel more energized, burn fat and improve physical performance. In fact, coee may even boost longevity. In short, it smells divine in the morning and helps us get up, perform, and get through our busy horse day with a deep breath the second the smell hits our noses.With these simple tips, you’ll be able to make your own perfect cup of coee every morning, right in your own trailer.1. Good Beans. Buy fresh whole beans from a local roaster. 2. Pour Over System. Our recommendation is a Chemex. The glass ensures no other avors enter your coee experience.3. Filter. A triple walled metal lter will be your best friend.4. Grinder. Grind your beans at the time of brew. A burr grinder (electric grinders burn the beans) at a med-ne grind will do the trick.5. Good Water. Your coee has two ingredients - water and coee. Make sure you have good tasting water.6. Proper Temperature. The proper water temperature for brewing is 200°F, or about 45 seconds o a full boil. 7. 3:1. 3 tablespoons of ground coee for every 1 cup of water. Experiment from there to nd the perfect ratio for you.8. Bloom It. Bloom is a quick bubbling up of carbon dioxide and coee grounds that occurs when freshly roasted coee is brewed. To bloom coee, start pouring at center of your coee bed, working your way out to the sides. Pour about two times the the amount of coee you use. Wait 30 seconds for coee to “bloom” and release carbon dioxide. 9. Swirl It. Before you pour, give the carafe a swirl. This mixes the weak and the strong for the perfect cup.10. Sip & Enjoy!

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It was a chilly and crisp Spring morning. There was light but the sun had yet to come out from behind the mountains. A thick layer of fog just above the ground created an ethereal landscape. Not one horse in sight. I decided to stay put next to the water hole where we had seen the mustangs the evening prior. It was very possible they would come to that same water hole for their morning wa-ter. Possible... but nothing is ever certain. They did come. But before the ground began shaking or the noise of pounding hooves reached my ears, one single horse emerged from within the fog, almost as if a curtain had suddenly opened to reveal him. So beautiful, almost unreal. Best,WILD WEST: Within The Fog

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The Market Bag works! Perfect for, well, the market, 100% water proof interior (per-fect for ice), and holds a ton of stu. Use it whenever, and wherever you need to carry your items. Deceivingly large, it holds twice as much as you think. Dimensions: 13” wide, 18” high, 8” deep, 3.5” drop, with a 6” x 7” inside pocket. Leather straps with nickel rivets and 100% natural golden jute ber with water resistant lining that can hold over 100lbs.Exclusively at MARKET BAG

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CALENDER 1Sacramento Spring Classic2Sacramento Spring Classic3Sacramento Spring Classic4Sacramento Spring Classic5Sacramento Spring Classic6 7 8Let’s Show Beach Party9Let’s Show Beach Party10Let’s Show Beach Party11Let’s Show Beach PartyWorking Equitation June12Let’s Show Beach PartyWorking Equitation June13 14 15HMI June Classic16HMI June ClassicRegion 3 Sporthorse17HMI June ClassicRegion 3 Sporthorse18HMI June ClassicRegion 3 Sporthorse19HMI June ClassicRegion 3 Sporthorse20 21 22 23Brookside Splash24Brookside SplashDressage Derby25Brookside SplashDressage Derby26Brookside SplashDressage Derby27 28 29 30Golden State Dressage

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1Sacramento Spring Classic2Sacramento Spring Classic3Sacramento Spring Classic4Sacramento Spring Classic5Sacramento Spring Classic6 7 8Let’s Show Beach Party9Let’s Show Beach Party10Let’s Show Beach Party11Let’s Show Beach PartyWorking Equitation June12Let’s Show Beach PartyWorking Equitation June13 14 15HMI June Classic16HMI June ClassicRegion 3 Sporthorse17HMI June ClassicRegion 3 Sporthorse18HMI June ClassicRegion 3 Sporthorse19HMI June ClassicRegion 3 Sporthorse20 21 22 23Brookside Splash24Brookside SplashDressage Derby25Brookside SplashDressage Derby26Brookside SplashDressage Derby27 28 29 30Golden State Dressage

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ARTIST: Susan McClaerty Introducing the Rainbow Rave Collection.“This collection started in support of Pride month and for all my wonderful LGBTQ+ friends. I consider myself to be a modern photographic artist. I like to explore my beloved equines in the most unique way that I can and bring that to you in my collections. I am drawn to strong colors, textures, and patterns so these themes are often repeated in my work. I like genuine expressions from my horses so you won’t always see the often forced, alert, ears up, posture favored by portrait photographers. Horses express themselves in so many more ways than that.” Susan is an LGBTQ+ ally and 50% of all proceeds from Rainbow Rave Collections will be donated to LGBTQ+ charities.

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Alexandrie Brut reects the culmination of the unique, rened vision of Chloe Bello, a synthesis of her appreciation for wine culture, discriminating palate and superior attention to detail, gained from years of experience working in the fashion industry. Named in honor of her daughter, Alex-andrie Brut Sparkling Wine is lovingly produced in small batches at Chloe’s boutique, female-owned winery in Napa Valley.

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HOME: ApronOne of the best hacks there apron.Introducing Lavender Fields’ custom barn and yard apron. An apron keeps hay out of unex-pected places, water away, and your clothes clean. It holds tools, cell phones, and hoof picks alike. Perfect for braiding, feeding, soaking, mucking, or just about any dirty chore. Made of water resistant 100% cotton canvas and genuine leather. A cross back design for optimal t and comfort.Exclusively at

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FOOD: Grilled Peaches & ProscuittoINGREDIENTS:2-3 peaches sliced into wedges12 slices prosciutto8 ounces creamy goat cheeseFresh rosemary HONEY MUSTARD GLAZE:1/4 c. Grey Poupon® mustard1/4 c. brown sugar1/4 c. honey1/2 tsp. garlic powderDIRECTIONS: 1. Coat grill with cooking spray and bring to medium high heat. Grill peach slices for about 30 seconds per side or until grill marks form. Be careful not to over-cook as peaches will soften. Remove and set aside.2. Lay prosciutto slices at on baking sheet. On the end closest to you, spoon approximately one tablespoon goat cheese onto each slice. Next, top each slice with one grilled peach. To roll, start with the end closest to you, rolling away from yourself and wrapping the peach and cheese as you go. Secure with toothpick.3. Thoroughly combine mustard, brown sugar, honey and garlic powder to make Honey Mustard Glaze. To serve, drizzle serving plate with glaze or place in small dish and serve as dipping sauce. Garnish with a small sprig of rosemary.

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INGREDIENTS:2 ounces Vodka4 ounces Lemonade1.5 ounces Lavender Simple Syrup1-2 ounces Club Soda to taste Crushed iceMint leavesLemon slicesDRINK: Lavender MojitoDIRECTIONS:Add a small handful of torn mint leaves to a glass and ll the glass with crushed ice. Add a few ice cubes to a cocktail shaker. Add the vodka, lemonade, and lavender simple syrup. Shake for 30 seconds and pour into the glass. Top o with a splash of club soda and garnish with a lemon slice and a spring of fresh mint.

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PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD.It takes less than you think to have vibrant skin. Our streamlined system of essential skin-nourishing products deliver vibrant results without unwanted extras. W/O is designed by environmentally conscious individuals who put skin health rst. To put it simply, we’re into saving face.Visit W/O online at

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SHOPPING GUIDE:APRON: Lavender FieldsARTIST: Susan McClaertyBOOTS: KingsleyCHAMPAGNE: Alexandrie CellarsDRESSAGE LETTERS: Lavender Fields FEED: Pink Rose OrganixFENCING: Lavender FieldsGENERATOR: EcoFlowLAVENDER: Lavender FieldsMARKET BAG: Lavender FieldsUTILITY SOAP: Lavender FieldsSKINCARE: W/OSTEEL BUILDINGS: Lavender FieldsTRACTOR: Solectrac WILD WEST: Maria MarriottTo become a part of Lavender Fields, and our Shopping Guide, email: advertise@lavender

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Photo Credit: Maria Marriott

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